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SpiritDog Online classes have proven to facilitate quick and lasting results. Our classes consist of videos that show you the progression of a skill from the very beginning until it is perfected. That way you have the entire training process in front of you and can follow along with your dog from home.
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Positive, step-by-step instruction will help you train your dog in a short amount of time.
Good training does not require you to put in many hours. Instead, our well-proven methods will explain to your dog what you want him to do fast and efficiently.
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Online training has become more convenient than attending regular local classes. A typical training class costs $25-$35/week, so getting the same training in-person would be over $1000 a year.
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Signing up for SpiritDog's Masterclass will give you lifetime access to over 320 individual exercises, shown with dogs of multiple breeds and training experience. 
320 Dog Training Videos
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Your dog will be progressing from basic skills to very advanced behaviors that will keep him busy for a full year!
Once you are signed up, the course is yours and you can always go back and revisit lessons. Your dog needs a leash-walking refresher down the line? No problem.
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"Steffi is incredible. There is nothing better than to play with your dog teaching him/her new tricks and, more importantly, good manners. Her training is fun, in-depth, and results oriented. Her training does NOT include reprimands, time outs, etc. We only focus on positive which is so important if you want your dog/puppy to really bond with you. I highly recommend Steffi. No one better."

Stephanie C.
“Watching the reactive dog series. learning to identify the behaviors I see. Since we got our boy at 9 weeks, I wondered if he could see. I would Throw a treat and he could not find it. He does not know how to sniff. I have learned more in this video series in a few hours than from 4 trainers. It all makes sense now. Very excited and optimistic for our future❤️ can’t wait to continue the learning tomorrow. A+++, five stars, best money I ever spent for my dogs.”

Alisha E.
Hear from these SpiritDog Alumni and learn how they mastered their own dog training skill. After they completing the SpiritDog Masterclass:
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